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You love to cook. You love to eat. You love to spend some quality time with family. However, you can’t always get the best of both worlds. The kitchen is dragging your time, taking away possible moments you could share with kids who are growing up fast.
Yes, we’re always a phone call away from having a pizza delivered right through our doorstep. But the most satisfying meals are the ones that are seasoned with our personal touch and garnished with our best efforts. Spend time with kids and share lots of laughter without bargaining on your lip-smacking steaks!

MISSION: Have an efficient kitchen at home.
Coldwell Banker Olympic, offering real estate services in E. Imperial Hwy. La Mirada California, tells you to ban these five items and replace them with pieces to create an efficient kitchen.

  1. CLEAR COOKIE JARS. If you can’t actually see the goodies, you’re more likely to grab one every time you lay your eyes on the jar. Keep binging at bay with opaque cookie and snack jars. Opaque containers lessen visual clutter and provide a uniform look. These jar double as décor, too! TIP: Choose containers with airtight seals to keep your snacks fresh longer.
  2. PLASTIC FOOD STORAGE. We all have our ever-growing collection of reusable, microwavable plastic food containers. Perhaps it’s time to trim the number down to clear precious cabinet space. Alternately, switch to tempered glass storage bowls with lockable lids or ceramic casseroles that can go from the oven to the table to the fridge. TIP: Maximize fridge space with stackable storage containers.
  3. A FRIGHTENING KNIFE BLOCK. Forget that 16-piece knife set you bought because chances are, you will never use each and every one of them. Stick to three knives (five max) – a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a serrated knife. Drop the knife block, too, and free up even more counter space. Use a magnetic knife rack instead, or, better yet, deposit your knives in the silverware drawer to keep them safely hidden but still at arm’s reach. TIP: Use a drawer organizer to prevent accidents and to keep your utensils properly segregated.
  4. UNUSED COOKBOOKS. Since most people find recipes online, cookbooks are not necessary in the kitchen anymore. You can transfer these to the living room area where they can be much more appreciated as coffee table books. If you’re compiling family recipes, save them in digital format to free up physical countertop space. TIP: If you’re working on a new dish, tape the recipe clipping onto the overhead cabinet doors.
  5. IDLE KITCHEN GADGETS. We usually have an assortment of kitchen gadgets and appliances on display. Eliminate the clutter by stripping your collection down to what you frequently use. You can also look for substitutes that are slimmer and more compact, like a hand juicer instead of a bulky electric juicer. Forego the grilled cheese sandwich maker and the toaster – you can prepare the same food on a dependable skillet. TIP: It differs in every household, but try to consider getting rid of appliances and tools you don’t use at least once a week.

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