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Colors and patterns are perfect game-changers to any space. You can create so much personality with them. But when these collide with each other, your intimate space will become a haywire of design. Home won’t feel like home. In a battle of prints, your home’s comfort will be replaced with perpetual sore eyes.
A well-designed home is just as important as having a well-built flat. Coldwell Banker Olympic, offering real estate services in E. Imperial Hwy. La Mirada California, shares some two cents on having crazy-fun with prints while keeping your tableau from looking silly.

  1. HOLD IT TOGETHER. Have a unifying element – color, shape, or theme. Polka dots mix well with rose-printed fabric because the dots pick up the shape of the roses. Meanwhile, checks and leopard rarely work together as they are too different from each other.
  2. HAVE A ‘SOLID’ SUPPORT. Ground your tableau by throwing in a few pieces in solid colors that go in harmony with the rest. If you’re going big on patterned pillows, your canvas should be a plain sofa. If you have some white walls, you can brighten them up with a color abstract artwork.
  3. CONTRAST AND COMPLEMENT. Know which colors go well together. Play with the size of the prints and patterns to create contrast (for example, Chevron stripes and small dots). Veer away from mixing overly graphic and big prints, such as damask and houndstooth.
  4. TELL A STORY. We all prefer things that have a bit of soul – things that are simple and well-designed and have a little story to them. Working with patterns is like telling a story in layers. Start with one pattern and build it up with more patterns along the way. In the end, it will make perfect sense.
  5. PROVIDE A FOCAL POINT. Use a mix of patterns in one area and have one item that just pops out of the blue but holds all the rest together. For example, a kidney pillow can finish the look of coordinated bed linen. A neutral home can be easily brightened with some crazy-patterned pillows.

Designs can be pieced together to help create an ambiance of comfort and style. Real comfort, visual and physical styles are important in every home. It doesn’t matter what your personality is, whether you’re elegant and whimsical, sophisticated and casual, classic or minimalist. The real meat is to make your home livable. Colors, patterns, style, textures and themes aren’t everything that makes your home become ‘well-designed.’ At the end of the day, comfort and functionality are more essential.
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